Saving a natural tooth with Root Canal Treatment has many advantages. These include preserving normal biting forces, sensations, and protection of the other teeth from excessive wear and strain. Contrary to jokes about the matter, root canal treatment is not commonly more inconveniencing than a routine filling appointment and is often completed in one or two appointments.

The procedure is often necessary when the nerves and blood vessels become inflamed or infected.This can be due to deep decay, trauma, or a crack in the tooth. The root canal is an actual areal within each tooth that houses the nerves and blood vessels. A toothache waking you up at night is a common symptom signalling need for a root canal. If an abscess is left untreated, it will eventually enter the surrounding bone and cause destruction in these areas.
For this reason, it is not suggested that you put off root canal treatment for any reason.

Modern care here in our office is aided by high tech efficient rotary instruments and consists of a thorough cleaning out of the area and sealing it off for future safety.

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